There goes a 12 year old girl

On the precipice of adolescence

Full of adventure and discovery

She enjoys learning

A healthy athlete

She is smart and kind

Oh, my god, what has


To her?

Uncle Bubba split her legs

Only recently

She was shocked, horrified

Now, in her own home state

She must carry a baby

A child herself

What happens now?

Criminal charges?
There’s still a baby

Lots of therapy

Family support

There’s still a baby

The government demands

Her to birth this baby

Many months later

Her life is on hold

Seemingly ruined

Like so many others

What if she is your child?

How do you tell her that life is fair

Or safe, or hers to enjoy?

[Photo by janko-ferlic-9Mj9FTg1zIo-unsplash.jpg]




Our blood we share with

Our loud and silent cries

Our hidden faces wailing


We drown

We go under in sorrow

Dead for a quick moment

Before we rise up

From deep dark waters

That took our bodies away

To re-enter the world

Naked, as babies

We forget our pasts

We grow and learn

We know no fear

At first

So no need to fight

Then with the hormone rush of


We struggle, we sigh

We cannot believe

We have allowed the

Patriarchy to survive

Once upon a time

We knew the Divine Mother

Now she rises up from

Black shadows and in her

Determined voice, speaks clearly

​”The Silence is forever over”