Angel, who are you?

I am the fire that you breathe

I am the water that you swallow

I am the blood that runs through

Your veins and pours out of your mouth

I am the breath and power of life

Tom, who are you?

(Not your old friend)



She“leadeth me beside the still waters,

He [she] restoreth my soul.”

~ Psalm 23:2 KJV, the Bible

Mother’s stroke

Elephants’s child

Fuzzy brain

Memory like no other

Loss of independence

Living on and on forever

Taking care of babies,

Elderly, children

Animals, all of the plants

Trees, bushes, and



My grandmother’s fingernails were thin

Mine are thick

Our child’s are tough

My mother’s fingernails need cutting

When our child was tiny, I panicked when

Trying to cut those tiny nails

Trying so hard not to draw blood

Most of the time successful

I trimmed my own all of my…


Rolling off the couch

Between cushion and coffee table

My parents’ blue toned Oriental rug

Underneath me

Wrapped in a lush blanket

I stay there, curled up

Head down, so very


Like a bunny (or a fetus)

Wrapped up in fur inside

A den of dirt and bugs


Crawl on my belly

Feeling free on the earth below me

The sky above and

All the blessed and dark

Energies around me

My antennae sense and

Send messages throughout

My tiny body, informing and

Sometimes deforming my ideas

About the world around me

A leaf, no struggle

A waterfall…

Barbara Sanders

I am a psychotherapist, writer and activist in Nashville, TN: and

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