My Mother’s Psychedelic Brain

On the day of my mother’s 99th birthday

Her stroke addled brain offered her the

Gift of New Life

Half blind and mostly deaf

Human senses only partially at work

My mother entered a cathedral of

Hope and rebirth on her birthday

Having grieved the loss of her

Practical, organized personality

Highly functional human self

Her family and friend relationships

Her brain came alive again

A little differently

Released from her church lady

Prim and Proper ways

She was primed to experience

Her true God, her transformation

Seeing me, she mentioned the

Wedding she had attended

(“Not real,” my brain thought)

A reception too, and she was tired

“I married a tall young man

Named Jim, have you met him?”
She wondered aloud

I rejoiced in her newfound love

At 99, finding a divine husband!

Having never used psychedelic medicines

Her brain and the Spirits around her

Blessed her with neuroplasticity

The creation of new neuronal pathways

The beauty of transcendence

A new promise, a new life

A gift from her god

After all, isn’t Jim just another name

For God?

Does it matter?



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Barbara Sanders

Barbara Sanders

Barbara loves to adventure into the unknown and the known, into the Great Mystery, and the Sacred: