The Bridge

Unclog these pores

Let me bleed!

Caught in the middle of the

Frozen Bridge, wanting to

Step out onto green pastures

Visiting the Shepherdess

Alas, I could not cross

The Bridge, I was stuck

The latter half of the Bridge

Began melting away

Ice transforming to water

So slippery and sudden

I was lost

Rarely standing still in the middle of

The Bridge

It seemed at first like hell

Heat rising, ice melting

When all of a sudden

The Shepherdess walked onto

The Bridge, no longer with her

Staff and fleet of foot

Never seeing her here before
I realized I didn’t have to cross

The Frozen Bridge to find her

That she might come toward me herself

“When you are lost or are in deep pain

I will come to you, my arm gliding

Around your weighty arms, your

Feeling so helpless in this chaos

I will help you find your way”

Just like that, a little divine magic and

The bridge cleared, no longer

Frozen or melting, just a

Wooden bridge, old and beautiful

No distress here

When I saw the Shepherdess moving

Away from me, she waved and said

“Remember, I am always here for you”
And, with that she vanished into the ether

Clogs dissolved

Heart bleeding

Tears flowing

Breath heaving

I felt my life again



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Barbara Sanders

Barbara Sanders

Barbara loves to adventure into the unknown and the known, into the Great Mystery, and the Sacred: